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Don't like you current circumstances? Want to get a new job or an admission in institute of your choice? Start with getting your professional documents in order — and I am here to help you!

1. An In-depth Consultation Session


Lost in your professional or academic life, and nothing seems to be working? Perhaps, you need an additional pair of eyes to look at your affairs from outsider’s views. Get in touch to discuss and we’ll have an in-depth informal session to look at your options. In most of the cases, this session is free


2. Cover letter for your job and university admission

*also known as a motivational letter, statement of purpose (SOP), intent letter, and personal statement


The cover letter is the single most important part of your job or university admission letter. When a resume tells the story of your past, a cover letter helps imagine your future. If the employer or admission committee has asked you for a cover letter, it means they want to know beyond your job experience – they want to know you, your passion, your commitment and your “why“.

A cover letter is your first impression. You don’t want to leave something out that may interest the reader, but you don’t want to bore them with detail. Keeping a delicate balance of information, you need to make your passion come alive on a single sheet of paper. Don’t write a cover letter, write a love letter! A letter that makes them say, ” yes, this person really gets it!”

With my 5+ years of experience of writing successful cover letters, I can help you create an impeccable letter. It’s a one-time investment which will help you for years to come. Choose the package that suits your need and leave the rest on me. 

3. Revamp your resume

7 seconds — that’s the time employers take to look at your resume; make them count!

Here’s a quick check whether you need to get a new resume. Answer Yes or No.

  1. Is your resume compatible with Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
  2. Have you quantified your achievements in numbers?
  3. Does your resume show more than 10 action keywords?
  4. Does your resume address all the action keywords posted in the job?
  5. Does your resume list only the relevant jobs?
  6. Is your resume readable at a glance?
  7. Is your resume one page long?

If you have answered ‘No’ or ‘I don’t know’ for 3 or more questions, you simply need to bin your old resume and get a new one — and I am here to help!


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