100 Day Dedication Challenge

75Hard vs 100 Day Dedication, Differences and similarities

Written by Umair Ali

I am an avid bike-packer and a passionate educationist. I usually write on my travelling experience and topics of self development.

September 18, 2023

The story of 100 Day Dedication Challenge.

I wanted to improve my physical and mental toughness. It’s only possible when you put effort into it. I had joined the gym countless times over the years but left it after a month or two without any results.

That’s when I learned about 75hard and decided to give it a try.

It was amazing.

I was getting visible results. I was drinking water, doing workouts and keeping up with the reading.

The first setback happened when I went to see my friend, and he forced me to eat amazing food (which I loved), and I failed the challenge on Day 10.

The next streak lasted only 5 days when I failed to complete the water task.

I didn’t want to continue the challenge after failing. It felt like cheating and demotivating.

So, I got committed and decided to give it my all, and start the challenge one more time.

The experience was nothing short of amazing, I saw results. My friends started noticing my improved physical and mental progress, and I was loving it.

75Hard before and after

 However, after 49 intensive days, I failed again. This time it was the reading challenge while I was on a tour.

After I failed on 49th Day, I couldn’t gather the courage again. I binge ate sweets, didn’t do any workout and lost all the progress I had made over the last few weeks. It was disheartening.

I came to the realisation that, while the principles of 75Hard were sound, the strictness wasn’t entirely feasible for my busy life, which actually was the goal: to be disciplined. But if I cannot complete the challenge, I won’t get disciplined at all.

And that’s how 100 Day Dedication Challenge Started

My failure to complete 75Hard challenge while having all the motivation and commitment led me to ponder: could there be a way to capture the essence of the challenge but with a more accommodating structure? The answer was a resounding yes, and thus the “100-Day Dedication” was born—a challenge that offers both flexibility and rigour to help you become the best version of yourself.

It was also the end of 2023, and I decided to give the last 100 days to this challenge.

Presenting you the 100-DAY DEDICATION.

It is equally challenging, hard and fruitful with just some slight modification. It offers the structure and discipline of 75 Hard but with the flexibility busy lives often require. It’s designed to bend, not break the rules. Let’s have a look:


The Rules: 100-Day Dedication vs. 75 Hard



75 Hard: 75 days, no breaks, and a focus on daily tasks.

100 Day Dedication: 100 days with a focus on both daily and weekly achievements. Because, hey, life happens!


75 Hard: Two workouts a day, 45 minutes each, one of which must be outdoors, That’s 14 workouts a week, rain or shine.

100-Day Dedication: 12 workouts per week with no more than 2 workouts each day with one day off for rest. At least one workout each day must be outdoors. If you miss a workout any day, you can compensate on the rest day, which means you cannot miss more than two workouts any week for 100 days.


75 Hard: Read 10 pages per day, summing up to 70 pages per week of a non-fiction book. Audiobooks don’t count.

100-Day Dedication: Read 100 pages per week of a non-fiction book, whenever you can fit it in. This gives you more time to absorb the material rather than rushing through it and allows you to complete chapters in one sitting. Audiobooks still don’t count.


75 Hard: Stick to a diet, no excuses. And no cheat meals!

100-Day Dedication: Stick to a diet of your choice just as 75Hard but with a twist—you’re allowed one flexible (not cheat) meal per week, as long as it’s under 300 calories, and you burn it off with an extra workout.

Out with friends and couldn’t resist a slice of pizza, come home and do an additional cardio session on the same day or early next day.

Feeling like eating an ice cream, go for a 5K run, and you have earned it

Note: This workout doesn’t count for your daily/weekly workouts.

Water Intake

75 Hard: Drink 3.7 litres of water per day. Yes, you’ll visit the loo—a lot.

100-Day Dedication: Drink 3 litres per day, making it a bit easier to achieve your hydration goals (and less toilet visits).

Progress tracking

75 Hard: Daily progress photo.

100-Day Dedication: Daily progress photo, video, or any form of documentation to track your journey.

75Hard vs 100 Day Dedication, Differences and similarities

Why you should join?

Mental Strength: Both challenges instil an unshakeable mental fortitude, but the 100-Day Dedication offers a more adaptable approach.

Physical Transformation: The slight tweaks make it easier to incorporate into a busy lifestyle, increasing the likelihood of physical improvement over a longer time.

Flexibility: The 100-Day Dedication is designed to bend but not break, providing the leeway many of us need.

Community: Share your journey and inspire others to hop on this transformative bandwagon.


As we gear up to bid farewell to 2023, let’s do it in a way that sets us up for a phenomenal 2024. Whether it’s the last 100 days of the year or any other 100 days that suit you, I invite you to join the 100-Day Dedication. I can promise you; this could very well be the best thing you do for your mental, physical, and psychological well-being.

More about the man behind 100-Day Dedication

Alright, folks, let’s spill the tea before this 100 Day Dedication challenge goes viral and people start thinking it was crafted by some ancient monk atop a mountain in solitude. Nope, it’s me, Umair Alee, a YouTuber-in-the-making who’s just trying to be a better person while helping others do the same.

So, how did this all begin? Imagine failing at the “75 Hard” not once, not twice, but a jaw-dropping three times! Yep, that’s right, I’ve got more dropout diplomas from the “75 Hard University” than I’d like to admit. But you know what they say, “Third time’s the… never mind.”

After the third strike, it hit me: why not create my own challenge? One that keeps all the good stuff but is friendlier for us mere mortals who juggle work, life, and the occasional Netflix binge. So, after some trial, error, and a few scribbles on a napkin, the “100-Day Dedication” was born!

So here’s to making this challenge the next big thing and helping people become better versions of themselves.


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